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Ensure Mooc


About This Course

Since the EU promotes a transition toward a more and more “circular” flow in the economic system, that transition need to be systemic and not limited to specific sectors or geographical area, and must affect each part of the production/recycling chain. The field of plastics industry is one of the largest producer of polluting waste that, at the same time, consists largely of recyclable material that can start a new production process. The EU underlines the beneficial impact of improving the reprocessing of plastics in its strategy on plastics waste and in its general strategy for the promotion of Circular Economy.

As its main goal ENSURE wants to tackle the “Environmental and climate goals” E+ horizontal priority. In particular the project will foster the development of green sectorial skills and methodologies (focused on the plastics sector) for entrepreneurs and VET trainers as to allow them (in particular for entrepreneurs) to become true change factors towards a more sustainable entrepreneurship.


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